Transfer of Venue | Image Credit
SC grants transfer of venue of the illegal drug cases vs. ex-NBI anti-drug unit head Eric Isidro
and 8 others from Virac RTC to Makati RTC

The Supreme Court grants the request of then DOJ Secretary of Justice Vitaliano Aguirre
requesting the transfer of venue of criminal cases No.6527 (People vs. Atty.Augusto Eric C.
Isidoro, criminal case No.6528 (People vs. Paulo Uy,
criminal case No.6529 and criminal case No.6530.

The Supreme Court directed the branch clerk of court, Regional trial court (RTC)
branch 43, Virac, Catanduanes, to forward the records of the aforesaid criminal cases
to the office of the executive judge,RTC, makati City.

Atty.Isidoro is a former NBI Regional Director of Central Mindanao.

Isidoro is being identified as the owner of the 1,000-square meter property where the
shabu laboratory was built and discovered.

Isidoro allegedly owns the  lot in Virac where the alleged shabu laboratory , according to the NBI.

For purposes of the criminology board examination, remember this:

The Supreme Court may order the change of venue of trial of criminal proceedings
provided that the initiation should commence from the place where the crime was committed.

Section 15, Rule 110 of the Rules of Court provides that subject to existing laws,
the criminal action shall be instituted and tried in the court of the city or
municipality or territory where the offense was committed or any of its essential
elements occurred.

It may be noted, however, that under Section 5(4), Article VIII of the Constitution,
the Supreme Court shall have the power to order a change of venue or place of trial to
avoid miscarriage of justice.