buy-bust operation

The other day, 19 persons were arrested in a buy-bust operation in Paranaque.

This is a drug related operation in connection with the Government's war against drug.

So, what is a buy-bust operation?

In layman's term, a buy-bust operation is an undercover operation by the NBI,PNP,PDEA,CIDG or other law enforcement officer to catch a person in the act of committing a criminal offense.

A Buy-bust operation is a form of Entrapment.

A buy-bust operation conducted in connection with illegal drug-related offenses is a form  of entrapment.

There is entrapment when ways and means are resorted to by the PDEA, NBI, PNP or other law enforcement officer for the purpose of trapping and capturing the law breaker in the execution of his criminal plan.

Remember that when the NBI,PNP,PDEA,CIDG or other law enforcement agencies entrap the law violators, the law violators can not claim that they can not be prosecuted and convicted because they were entrap.

Entrapment is not an absolutory cause.

Absolutory cause means that where the act committed is a crime but for some reason of public policy and sentiment, there is no penalty imposed.

In buy-bust operations, there is no law or rule requiring the PNP,NBI,PDEA,CIDG or other law enforcement agencies to adopt a uniform way of identifying buy money.

Those 19 persons arrested in Paranaque in a buy-bust operation can not claim that they  were framed for sure like most accused who is caught in flagrante delicto because the courts views such claim with disfavor because it can easily be feigned and fabricated.

Great job law enforcement officers. Continue the good work.