A Woman was brutally and mercilessly raped and killed in Santa
Rosa Laguna.

The Raped and killing committed by the suspects were witnessed
by two kids which led to their swift arrest.

The Raped victim is a 19 year old woman. She was raped and killed
by the suspects with the use of an ice pick. The Victim was
stabbed in the head.

The Victim's body was recovered in a grassy area near a railroad.

The Slain Woman was last seen alive on a Sunday night of August
2, 2015.

The Police said that the slain woman was seen riding a train
trolley operated by the 2 suspects. When the Woman decided to
stop and go down, the suspects drag her into the dim lighted
grassy area where she was raped and killed.

Police Superintendent Reynaldo Maclang, Chief of Police of Santa
Rosa Laguna said that exactly 9:45 in the evening, the victim's
body was found.

Not far away from the scene of the crime, the 2 suspects were
swiftly arrested after they were identified by 2 witnesses.

Recovered from the suspects were some personal things belonging
to the victim.

The Police will file a case of Rape with Homicide.

Rape with Homicide is a special complex crime. The liability for
special complex crimes is linked with that of conspiracy. When there
is conspiracy, the rule is that the act of one is the act of all.
This principle applies only to the crime agreed upon.

The law provides one single penalty for special complex crime.