A Fake Lawyer is arrested by the National Bureau of Investigation
(NBI) in Angeles Pampanga.

The Fake lawyer allegedly committed estafa and wanted by the authorities.

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The Arrested Suspect was able to amassed more than one million
pesos according to the NBI.

The Victims of the suspect includes among others, companies,
cooperative, well known wealthy families and even some

The Successful Operation was conducted by the NBI's Special
Investigation Services at about 1 PM in the afternoon.

The Compound where the operation was conducted was huge.
The Suspect was arrested after a few minutes.

The Suspect has an alias of Atty. Sandoval. Her real name is
Maribel Tuburan.She has 5 pending warrant of arrest for large
scale Estafa.

The Suspect committed Estafa in areas which includes Palawan,
Cebu, Makati, Butuan and Manila.

The Suspect denied the charge against her.

Is She Guilty of of Usurpation of Official Functions?

This criminal offense is punishable under Art.177 of the
Revised Penal Code.

This offense is committed by performing an act pertaining to
any person in authority or public officer of the Philippines
or foreign government under the pretense of such official
position, and without being lawfully entitled to do so.

In usurpation of official functions, it is essential that the
offender should have performed an act pertaining to a person
in authority.

Is She Guilty of Using Fictitious Name and Concealing True Name?

Using Fictitious Name and Concealing True Name is an offense
punishable under Art.178 of the Revised penal Code.

These Offenses has the following Elements:
Elements of Using Fictitious Name:
1. That the offender uses a name other than his real name
2. That he uses that fictitious name publicly
3. That the purpose of the offender is –
   a. To conceal a crime
   b. To evade the execution of a judgment or
   c. To cause damage to public interest
      Ex. Signing fictitious name for a passport

Elements of Concealing True Name:
1. That the offender conceals
   a. his true name, and
   b. all other personal circumstances and
2. That the purpose is only to conceal his identity.