A Cebu Taxi Driver was arrested by the Police after he was
accused by his female passenger of rape.

According to the Police, the female rape victim and a male
companion rode the taxi of the suspect at dawn.

The Male companion of the rape victim got off the taxi first.

The Taxi Driver allegedly brought the victim to a hotel where
he raped the victim.

The Victim immediately sought the help of the nearest Police
Station nearest the place where the Taxi Driver left her.

The Swift operation conducted by the Police resulted in the
immediate arrest of the suspect.

The Taxi Driver was identified as Von Camacho.

He admitted raping the victim.

RA 8353 reclassified rape as crimes against persons.

Classification of Rape
1. Traditional Rape
   a. Offended party is always a woman
   b. Offender is always a man.
2. Sexual assault
   Rape can now be committed by a man or a woman, that is, if a
   woman or a man uses an instrument on anal orifice of male,
   she or he can be liable for rape.

   Inserting a finger inside the genital of a woman is rape
   through sexual assault within the context of "object".

In General, the penalty for rape is reclusion perpetua. It
is like being imprisoned for life.

In General, the penalty for Sexual Assault is Prision Mayor.
The duration of the penalties of prision mayor is from 6 years
and 1 day to 12 years

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