The Pasig Police Department conducted an entrapment operation
which resulted in the arrest of Ronaldo Roque.

The 43 years old Ronaldo Roque was arrested by the Police for
asking a donation from a school in Pasig using the names of the

Confiscated from the arrested suspect is the document which he
showed to the school principal.

The Suspect denied the accusation but the CCTV of the school
recorded the suspect going to the Principal's office until the
time he went out.

The Suspect's face was once posted in facebook for various
complaints made by commercial business establishment owner in
Ortigas Center. He allegedly asked donation for the death of
his father. His Father has been dead for 4 years.

A complaint for Usurpation of Authority for posing as fireman
has been filed against the suspect.

Usurpation of Authority is a crime against Public Interest.

To be liable for this crime, The following elements must be
1. Offender knowingly and falsely represents himself
2. As an officer, agent or representative of any department
   or agency of the Philippine government or of any foreign


In usurpation of authority, the mere act of knowingly and falsely
representing oneself is sufficient. It is not necessary that he
performs an act pertaining to a public officer.

The usurpation must pertain to a department or agency of the
Philippine Government or any foreign government.

If it can be proven that the usurpation of authority or official
functions by accused was done in good faith or under cloth of
authority, then the charge of usurpation will not apply.

In usurpation of official functions, it is essential that the
offender should have performed an act pertaining to a person in

A public officer may also be an offender.