Facts About Barangay Civil Service Eligibility That Nobody Will Tell You

The Philippine local government code, specifically section 393 thereof
provides certain Benefits to Barangay Officials.

One of these benefits include the grant of barangay civil service

The Barangay Civil Service Eligibility is considered appropriate
for first level positions in the career service except those which
require qualification skills or trade test and/or requiring board
examinations and other special eligibilities provided under
special laws.

The first level includes clerical, trades, crafts and custodial service positions
which involve non-professional or sub-professional work in a non-supervisory
 or supervisory capacity requiring less than four years of collegiate studies.

The second level includes professional, technical and scientific positions
which involve professional, technical or scientific work in a non-supervisory
or supervisory capacity requiring four years of collegiate studies.

Who are the Barangay Officials
Under the RA 7165 otherwise known as the Local Government Code of
1991, the following are the barangay officials

  • Punong Barangay
  • Barangay Tanods
  • Members of the Lupong Tagapamayapa
  • Sangguniang Barangay Members
  • Barangay Treasurer
  • Barangay Secretary

But for the purposes of granting Barangay Civil Service Eligibility
to Barangay officials, only the following barangay officials are
entitled to appropriate civil service eligibility on the basis of
the number of years of service to the barangay, pursuant to the
rules and regulations issued by the Civil Service Commission.

  • Punong Barangay
  • Sangguniang Barangay Members
  • Barangay Treasurer
  • Barangay Secretary

Where Can You Avail of barangay civil service eligibility?
Any Civil Service Commission office near you. Application forms
maybe obtained therein.

What are the Requirements for the grant of barangay civil
service eligibility?

1. Original and photocopy of at least one valid ID with picture
   and signature of applicant

2. Three identical 1" x 1" pictures with complete name and tag
   (digital or computerized pictures not accepted)

3. Original and photocopy of birth certificate issued by the
   National Statistics Office (NSO)

4. Certification from the city/municipal officer of the Department
   of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) of the services
   rendered in the barangay.

5. Certified machine copy of Oath of Office,

6. Certified machine copy of Master List of Barangay Officials from
   the DILG

7. Certified copy of marriage contract for married women

8. Processing Fee


A Barangay official's aggregate or total number of years of service
is 5 years.

The eligibility granted by the civil service commission is
properly called "Barangay Official Eligibility" (BOE).

Barangay Official Eligibility may also be granted in case the
barangay official was not able to finish his term of office but
was able to meet the service requirement by adding his other
services as elective and appointive official.


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