3 Minors Illegally Entered a Car Accessory Shop

3 Minors were caught by a CCTV illegally entering a closed
car accessory warehouse shop with the aid of a 2X2 wood panel.

The nearby sewing machine store was also not spared.

The Police is now investigating the case to determine what
items are stolen.

Public Clamour demands the amendment of the law which exempts
minors from criminal liability.

The establishment's owner said that it is high time for our
lawmakers to amend the law and punish these minors who
commits a crime.

Under R.A. 9344 or the Juvenile Justice And Welfare Act a minor
15 years and below is exempt from criminal liability.

A minor over 15 but but below 18 who acted without discernment
is exempt from criminal liability.

A minor over 15 but below 18 who acted with discernment shall be
subjected to a diversion program.

Discernment is the mental capacity to fully appreciate the
consequences of the unlawful act, which is shown by the:
1. Manner the crime was committed
2. Conduct of the offender after its commission


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