how to become a pnpa cadet
How to Become a PNPA Cadet

The PNPA Recruitment Brochure says PNPA needs able, responsible and well-motivated youths who have the aptitude for service to meet the varied and challenging duties of a public safety service officer.

Interested? Read the following requirements and apply if you qualify.

Those who graduate from PNPA Academy are given options where they would like to serve. They may opt to serve in the BJMP, BFP or the PNP.

Initial Requirement For Admission To Become PNPA Cadet

1.  Natural Born Citizen of the Philippines
2.  Of Good Moral Character
3.  Male or Female

a. Must be single
b. Must have no parental and financial obligation to anybody

4.  Must be at least 18 years of age and not more than 22 years old on April 15.
5.  Must be at least 5'4" in height for male
     Must be at least 5'2" in height for female
6.  Must weigh not more or less than 5 kilograms of the standard weight corresponding to age, height, and sex
7.  Must be at least high school graduate
8.  Must be able to perform physical fitness exercises and mental exercises
9.  No criminal, administrative or civil case or other derogatory records
10. Must not be a former PNPA cadet or other service academy cadet
11. Must pass the cadet admission test

Grounds for Medical Disqualifications:
1. Defective Visual Perception (color blindness, near-sighted/far-sighted with corrective eyeglasses or lens, nystagmus)
2. Physical Deformities Example: bowlegged or congenital defects
3. Perforated eardrum, chronic sinusitis, bleeding tendencies, hemorrhoids, hernia (if not treated), varicocele, extensive skin disorders
4. History of heart disease, hypertension, asthma, active PTB, kidney and liver diseases, epileptic seizure disorders, major operations; communicable diseases (such as AIDS, Hepatitis, VD, etc.
5. Full dentures, upper and lower, Cleft lip and palate, malocclusion, Deformities of the face, Open bite, Tongue-tied, missing of four(4) anterior or front teeth & Missing of six (6) posterior/molar teeth
6. Tattoos and other brotherhood marks, ear piercing (male only)
7. For Females: Goiter; History of pregnancy; Presence of breast mass, Painful menstruation
8. Any other similar defects which may hinder in the Cadetship Training Program.

Coverage of the PNPA Cadet Admission Test
1. Communication Skills
2. Logical and Reasoning Ability
3. Math and Sciences
4. General Information
5. Current Events
6. Values and Aptitude for the Service

How To Apply
Submit a duly accomplished application together with a self-stamped WINDOW ENVELOPE to the Office of the Registrar or mail to:

The Director, (Attn: Registrar), Philippine National Police Academy, Camp General Mariano N CastaƱeda, 4129 Silang, Cavite

Where To Get The PNPA Cadet Admission Application Form

You can download it in the PNPA website.