1. Statements of matters of interest to persons engaged in an
2. The statements must be contained in a list, register, periodical
   or other published compilation
3. The compilation was published for use by persons engaged in that
   occupation and
4. Is generally relied upon by them.

Reason For Admission
1. Necessity – because of the unusual accessibility of the persons
   responsible for the compilation of matters contained in a list,
   register, periodical or other published compilation and tremendous
   inconvenience it would cause to the court if it would issue
   summons to these numerous individuals.

2. Trustworthiness – they have no motive to deceive and they further
   realize that unless the list, register, periodical or other
   published compilation are prepared with care and accuracy, their
   work will have no commercial and probative value.

Evidence of statements of matters of interest to persons engaged 
in an occupation contained in a list/register/periodical or other 
published compilation, is admissible as tending to prove the truth 
of any relevant matter so stated if that compilation is published 
for use by persons engaged in that occupation and is generally
used and relied upon by them therein.