2 PNP Police Intelligence Agents were attacked by protesters
during the state of the nation address of President Noynoy

  • PNP Intelligence Unit is headed by a Director with the rank of
     chief superintendent, serve as the intelligence and
     counterintelligence operating unit of the PNP.
  •   PNP Intelligence Unit is one of the 10 operational support
          units of the PNP (Philippine National Police)

Protesters says they caught the 2 PNP police intelligence agents
in the act of taking videos and pictures in the middle of the
protest against the state of the nation address by the Philippine

The Attack happened in the morning in Commonwealth Avenue in
Quezon City.

The 2 PNP Police Intelligence Agents were injured and crestfallen.

Other Protesters came to the police officers rescue to prevent
further injuries.

These 2 PNP Police Intelligence Agents are merely doing their job.
They are not even armed. What they have is a video camera which
they used in performing their lawful duties as a law enforcement

Protesters claims that those pictures taken by the agents will be
used against them in future prosecutions that the police may
eventually file against them in court.

Protesters allegedly attacked the 2 PNP Police Intelligence agents
when they refused to show the pictures they have taken against the

These protesters do not have the right to interfere with the lawful
exercise of duties of these 2 police officers in the same way that
the police officers did not interfere with the right of the protesters
to lawful assembly.

I hope these 2 PNP Police Intelligence Agents recover soon from their
injuries and go back to work and perform their mandated duties under
the law.