pdea academy

R.A.9165 otherwise known as the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs
Act of 2002 provides that the PDEA Academy shall be established
either in Baguio City or in Tagaytay City.

The PDEA Academy shall be responsible for the recruitment and
training of future PDEA Agents as well as other personnel.

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Aside from firearms training and self defense training, PDEA
recruits undertakes courses such as anti-illegal drug
investigation course and Airport Drug Interdiction course.

PDEA's core value's are taken from its own name PDEA

PDEA's screening process for agent applicants are very rigid.
They must undergo and pass the following:
1. Neuro-Psychological Examination
2. Medical Examination
3. Physical Examination
4. Agility Test
5. Background Investigation
6. Panel Interview

Those PDEA recruits undertaking training right now consist
mostly of Criminology and Nursing graduates. There are few
law graduates also.

The PDEA Academy is presently training its 7th batch of
recruits. There training started last March and will end 6
months thereafter.

The PDEA Academy is headed by a Superintendent. This position
requires the rank of a Director. The PDEA Director General
has the power to make the appointment.

PDEA Academy in its early years is housed in Baguio City. The
Training Center and Housing of its recruits are in the same
Compound as that of the NBI CAR Regional Office.

PDEA Academy presently is located in Camp General Mariano
N. CastaƱeda in Silang, Cavite. Remember that the law requires
that the PDEA Academy must be located in Baguio City or Tagaytay
City or any other suitable place. I do not know if the present
location is really suitable. The Baguio City training center
before is very ideal considering that the climate is conducive
to learning and it is located in the heart of Benguet. Benguet
province is one of the major producer of the most popular
prohibited drug in the Philippines which is the Marijuana.

PDEA do not recruit at regular interval. It recruits agents
and personnel as the need arises. Vacancies are posted in
its official website. Just check it out often if interested.

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PDEA agent recruits training usually last for 6 months.

The entry level salary for agents is Salary Grade 11 under
the Salary Standardization law. Salary Grade 11 is more or
less P14,000 which is modest if you are a college graduate
and Civil Service Professional eligible.

The Dangerous Drugs Board is the one who has the power to provide
for the qualifications and requirements for PDEA recruits.

The PDEA serves as the implementing arm of the Dangerous Drugs
Board. It is similar to that of the DOJ with respect to the NBI.

The Dangerous Drugs Board which is under the office of the
President of the Republic of the Philippines is responsible
for policy making and strategy formulating for drug prevention
and control.