Agriculturist Board Exam Topnotchers

agriculturist board exam topnotchers

Agriculturist Board Exam Top Ten Examinees

June 2015 Agriculturist Board Examination

1st Placer  - Julius Caesar Masi Amoyen 87%
                   Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University
                   Bacnotan La Union Campus

2nd Placer  - Rohilyn Bertillo Egle 85.67%
                    UP-Los Banos

3rd Placer  - Bernadith Tartado Borja 85.50%
                    University of Southern Mindanao - Kabacan

4th Placer  - Darwin Magsino Landicho 85.33%
                    UP-Los Banos

5th Placer  - James Lorezo Fajardo 85.17%
                    Central Mindanao University

                    Joe Brugada Poblete 85.17%
                    Cavite State University

                    Izy Santos San Jose 85.17%
                    UP-Los Banos

6th Placer  - Alvin Lising Nava 85%
                    Central Philippine University

                    Royette Cacho Santos 85%
                    Central Luzon State University

7th Placer  - Rodulfo Jr Pasos Castro 84.83%
                    Mindanao State University - Marawi City

                    John Gepitulan Ponteras 84.83%
                    Southern Philippines Agriculture, Business,
                    Marine and Aquatic School of Technology

                    Jay Vencint Bangot Zulita 84.83%
                    Xavier University

8th Placer  - Jordan Gabuya Calura 84.50%
                    Central Luzon State University

9th Placer  - Jimae Faith Bustos Magnaye 84.33%
                    Central Mindanao University

10th Placer - Michelle Ann Magat Calubaquib 84.17%
                    UP-Los Banos

                    Wilfredo Jr Orig De Mesa 84.17%
                    Southern Luzon State University - Lucban

                    Jeisel Obillo Labatete 84.17%
                    Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University
                    Bacnotan La Union Campus

                    Dominga Paloging Magnanang 84.17%
                    Benguet State University - La Trinidad Benguet

                    Ma Michelle Mula Medura 84.17%
                    Central Mindanao University

                    Ma Christine Gabatino Ortiguero 84.17%
                    UP-Los Banos

                    John Arris Espirito Rayo 84.17%
                    Central Luzon State University

                    Franc Anton Ondesimo Vilgera 84.17%
                    Central Bicol State University of Agriculture - Pili



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