polaris review center

Polaris Review Center is a review center based in the province
of Palawan, Philippines.

Polaris Review Center Offers Comprehensive Review For Those
Who Will Take The Following Professional Examination:
1. Criminology
2. Nursing
3. Licensure Examination For Teachers
4. Civil Engineering.

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Polaris Review Center also offers review classes for those
who will take the civil service examination administered by
the Professional Regulation Commission.

For those interested to enrol or to make an inquiries, you
may make a personal visit to their office located at 35 Fernandez
street, Puerto Princesa, City.

For those residing far from Polaris Review Center's main office,
you may address your inquiries by calling any of the
following numbers:

        (48) 434-6824

You may also send an Email inquiry at ccjpolaris@yahoo.com

What Do You Get When You Enrol In Polaris Review Center?
You will get the following:
1. Track record of passing percentage above national rate.
2. Fully air conditioned lecture rooms
3. Lectures supplemented by complete audio visual facilities
4. Updated review materials
5. Top caliber reviewers from well known schools

Polaris Review Center offers the following incentives:
1. Free Review Fee for those who graduated Cum Laude, Magna
   Cum Laude and Summa Cum Laude.
2. 50% discount for repeaters who previously enrolled.
3. Cash Prizes for those who will land in the Top Ten.

Polaris Review Center Review Fee
1. LET
   P5,000 for repeaters
   P8,000 for first time examinees
2. Criminology

Note: The Review Fee may no longer be updated.
Kindly call Polaris Review Center personally for
the updated review fees.