Christian Hans Stoelting founded the Stoelting Company. Stoelting 
Company is a leading product supplier of physiological, psychological 
and psycho-physiological machines and apparatus.

Chicago Laboratory Supply and Scale Company is the original name of
the Stoelting Company.

Stoelting Company was established in 1886 by Christian Hans Stoelting.
He is an American.

As early as the year 1895, He Supplied apparatus specifically tailored
to inent psychological laboratories.

Physiology had been Stoelting's first major market. The Company had 
earlier been known of scientific psychology in the 19th century.

At present, Stoelting Company is known to produce neuro-science,
any-maze (behavior tracking software), pyschological testing machines 
and polygraph instruments.

Christian Hans Stoelting first polygraph machine consists of a 
mechanical amplifier for detection of the pulse of the human heart 
and recording apparatus (Kymograph) to record the signal of said 
   Two instruments to detect and record the human response to external 
influences to the human body, the principal instruments which comprise 
the forerunner of the modern Lie-Detector or Polygraph.

From 1903 to 1943 Stoelting was nearly unchallenged as the principal 
provider of the material culture of American psychology And at the 
St. Louis Universal Exposition of 1904 C H Stoelting Co was awarded 

Medals for Anthropometric Apparatus and Psychometric Apparatus awards.