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Philhealth for OFW

Good news to all Filipino Overseas Foreign Workers, You need not
worry about the high cost of hospitalization in case one of your
love one's or family member get sick or hospitalized because of

Register now and become a member. It is easy to register with
Philhealth. Just go a Philhealth office near you and do the following;
1. Fill out the Philhealth Member Registration Form (PMRF).
   You may get this form from any office of Philhealth.
   You may also download this form from the Philhealth website.
   You may declare as dependents the following persons:
      a. Legal Spouse who is not a member of Philhealth
      b. Children below 21 years of age and no job and not married
      c. Children 21 years old and above but disabled or mentally
      d. Foster child as defined under the Foster Child Care Act of
      e. Parents 60 years old or more who is not a member of Philhealth
      f. Parents who are permanently disabled

   Note: It is easy to register now because there is no need to submit
   any supporting documents unless ask for by Philhealth as proof when
   declaring a dependent.

   In case you, the ofw, are abroad
   1. You may also enroll thru e-mail. Send thru e-mail the filled out
       PMRF at Wait for the notification from
       Philhealth in your e-mail.
   2. You may also enroll at any accredited collecting agents
        abroad like IREMIT global remittance and Ventaja International.

2. Pay your Philhealth contribution

      You may pay your contribution in any of the following:
      1. Any Philhealth office
      2. Philhealth operations center at POEA

3. After paying your contribution, you the OFW will receive a Health
   Insurance ID Card (Philhealth ID) and Member Data Record (MDR)

      The ID card contains your Philhealth Identification Number or pin.
      The Member Data Record (MDR) contains the lists of your dependents
      who can use the Philhealth benefits.

Note: make sure to pay promptly your contribution to insure your
entitlement to all the Philhealth benefits before the prior payment

You can see the effectivity period of your premium contribution in
yuor Member Data Record (MDR)

Starting January 2014, Premium contribution for OFW  is P2,400 per
year. OFW's may pay in advance for 2 years or according to the number
of your employment contract. But the premium payment shall in no case
exceed 5 years.

Know your benefits as an OFW
1. All Case Rates - means the benefit you or your qualified dependents
   receive is fixed rate for all illness and operation.

      Example pf All Case Rates

      1. Pneumonia Moderate Risk - fixed rate benefit is P15,000
      2. Pneumonia High Risk - fixed rate benefit is P32,000
      3. Stroke (Infarction) - fixed rate benefit is P28,000
      4. Stroke (Hemorrhagic) - fixed rate of P38,000
      5. Hypertensive Emergency/Urgency - fix rate of P9,000
      6. Dengue (Severe) - fixed rate of P16,000
      7. Acute Gastroenteritis - fixed rate of P6,000
      8. Asthma in Acute Exacerbation - fix rate of P9,000
      9. New Boarn Care Package - fix rate of P1,750

      1. Hemodialysis - fixed rate of P4,000
      2. Maternity Care Package - fix rate of P8,000
      3. Normal Spontaneous Delivery Package - fix rate of P6,500
      4. Cesarean Section - fix rate of P19,000
      5. Radiotherapy Linear Accelerator - fix rate of P3,000
      6. Cataract Surgery - fix rate of P10,667
      7. Dilatation and Curettage - fix rate of P3,667
      8. Cholecystectomy - fix rate of P31,000
      9. Appendectomy - fix rate of P24,000

   Included in the All Case Rates is the so called Z benefits.
   The OFW or any of his/her dependent may avail of these benefits for
   illness requiring expensive medicines and long duration of treatment.
   These benefits may be availed of in selected contracted hospitals.

         Lists of Z benefits
      1. Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia for children with standard risk -
         fix rate benefit of P210,000
      2. Breast Cancer (Stage 0-3) - fix rate of P100,000
      3. Prostate Cancer - fix rate of P100,000
      4. Kidney Transplant (low risk) - P600,000
      5. Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery - P550,000
      6. Surgery of Tetralogy of Fallot in children - P320,000
      7. Surgery for Ventricular Septal Defect in Children - P250,000
      8. Cervical Cancer Chemoradiation with Cobalt and Brachytherapy
         (low dose) - fix rate benefit of P120,000
         Linear Accelerator and Brachytherapy (high dose) - P175,000
      9. External Lower Limb Prosthesis - P15,000

2. Special Packages - the benefits is also fixed rate.
      1. TB Treatment through Dots - fixed rate benefit of P4,000
      2. Vasectomy and Tubal Ligation - fixed rate of P4,000
      3. OPB Malaria Package - fixed rate benefit of P600
      4. Outpatient HIV/AIDS Treatment - fixed rate benefit of P30,000
      5. Animal Bite Treatment package - fixed rate benefit of P3,000
      6. Leptospirosis Package - fixed rate benefit of P11,000

3. You as an OFW and your qualified dependents are also entitled to
   an outpatient benefit called Tsekap (Tamang Serbisyo Para Sa
   Kalusugan Ng Pamilya). This benefit may be availed of at any health
   centers, Rural Health Units (RHU) and government hospitals.

      Services For The Prevention Of Diseases and Illnesses
      1. Consultation with a Doctor
      2. Women's examination for cervical cancer
      3. Regular Taking of Blood pressure
      4. Breast Feeding Education
      5. Regular Breast Examination
      6. Family Planning
      7. Consultation/Advice to stop cigarette addiction
      8. Height, Weight and Waist measurement
      9. Prostate Examination

      Laboratory Examination For Disease Detection
      1. Complete Blood Test
      2. Urinalysis
      3. Fecalysis
      4. Sputum Microscopy
      5. Fasting Blood Sugar
      6. Lipid Profile
      7. Chest X-Ray

      Medicines for the following Diseases
      1. Asthma
      2. Acute Gastroenteritis
      3. Cough/Colds/Pneumonia
      4. Urinary Tract infection (UTI)

How to Avail of Philhealth Benefits for OFW and Dependents?
1. Submit the following to the billing section of the hosptal
   in order to avail of your Philhealth benefits and deduct the amount
   of your benefits from the total bill you are required to pay.
      1. Fully Filled out Philhealth Claim Form 1
      2. Copy of Updated MDR
      3. Health Insurance ID Card
      4. Other Documents required by the hospital
      5. Proof of Philhealth Premium payment or Philhealth
         official receipt
2. After processing your claim, you will receive a Philhealth Benefit
   payment notice (BPN). If there are discrepancies between the BPN
   and Account Statement you receive from the hospital, keep in touch
   with the hospital and the doctor.

in case you the OFW will get hospitalized abroad, Philhealth will
reimburse part of your expenses. If confined abroad, just submit
the following at any Philhealth Office in the Philippines within
180 days from the date of your discharge.
   1. Copy of the medical certificate where the final diagnosis
      is indicated, confinement period and services rendered
   2. Duly filled out Philhealth Claim Form 1
   3. Copy of official receipt or detailed statement of account
   4. Updated MDR or other form of identification and photocopy
      of latest proof of premium payment

Notes: If you are retired and already paid at least 120 months of
premium contribution or more, register as a lifetime member. No need
to pay your Philhealth premium contribution and you can still avail
of your Philhealth benefits.

As an OFW, Please keep in mind the following:
1. You must register with Philhealth
2. You must pay your premium contribution
3. You must know your benefits

Are you an OFW needing additional information?
You may send your inquiry in the following ways
1. Sending an E-Mail Inquiry
2. By phone
   +63 917 512 9149
   441 7444 extension 7416
   441 7442