travel insurance philippines

Travel Insurance in Philippines

I was looking for an affordable travel insurance in the Philippines
when i stumbled upon this website named This is the
website of the the Paramount Life and General Insurance Corporation,
an insurance company licensed and authorized by the insurance
commission of the Philippines.

It offers a travel insurance product in 3 packages.
1. Travel insurance for Asia if you travel within Asia only.
   You may opt to be covered as you travel within Asia up to
   a. 20,000 US dollar
   b. 45,000 US dollar
   c. 50,000 US dollar

2. Travel insurance for Schengen region.This travel package provides
   coverage as you travel within the Schengen region for up to
   a. 20,000 US dollar
   b. 50,000 US dollar
   c. 60,000 US dollar

3. Travel insurance for all over the world for up to
   a. 20,000 US dollar
   b. 50,000 US dollar
   c. 60,000 US dollar

Premium can be paid directly in the company's branches.

Premium may be paid in cash or check.

You may also apply online, pay online and receive your policy in your

Benefits include:
a. Emergency Medical Evacuation and Assistance
b. Medical Treatment
c. Loss of Baggage
d. Emergency Return
e. Family Member Visit

You may opt to be covered alone but the company also offers a family
plan whereby the spouse will be covered 50%. If you have only one child
with you, he/she will be covered 50%. Maximum is 5 person. 2 adults and
3 children.

Upon boarding the aircraft, your coverage starts.

There are 30 licensed life insurance companies and 66 non-life insurance
companies in the Philippines but not all is offering travel insurance