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Top Schools for Pharmacy in the Philippines

Top Pharmacy Schools in the Philippines
Based on the result of the January 2015 Pharmacist Licensure Examination, The following are the top pharmacy schools in the Philippines.

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No.1  University of San Carlos 
         Passing Percentage - 82.86%
         Total Number of Examinees - 70
         Total No. of those who passed - 58
         Total No. of those who failed - 12

No.2  Mariano Marcos State University
         Passing Percentage - 80.68%
         Total Number of Examinees - 88
         Total No. of those who passed - 71
         Total No. of those who failed - 17

The Philippine Professional Regulation Commission judge a schools
performance in the licensure examination by the number of its examinees
and the overall passing percentage.

PRC publishes the top schools which garners at least 80% passing
percentage and has at least 50 examinees.

Please take note that the following Pharmacy Schools performed very
well in the Pharmacist Board Examination despite having less than
50 number of examinees.

      UP-Manila has a passing percentage of 100%. All of its 26
      examinees passed.

      Saint Louis University in Baguio City has a passing percentage
      of 93.55%. Out of its 31 examinees, only 2 failed.

      Adamson University has a passing percentage of 97.14%. Out of its
      35 examinees, only 1 failed.

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