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Sources of Criminology Review Materials on the Internet

Enumerated here under are some of the sources of free reading materials on the Internet for those who will be taking the criminology board examination as well as criminology students.

1. Bigwas
This site contains some criminology reading materials, most of them definitions of terms that come in handy as a refresher of some common terms.

2. Criminology Board Exam Reviewer
This site posts some sample criminology board exam questions from previous board examinations. This site compiles all the criminology review questions it finds on the Internet and puts it in one place which is very convenient for those who will be taking the board exam as all the subjects are covered here.

3. Scribd
Scribd is a digital library, featuring an ebook and audiobook subscription service. Just type the topic you are looking for in the search bar and you will find plenty of criminology materials.

4. Authorstream
It is a web-based PowerPoint presentation-sharing platform. You will find a lot of reading materials in PowerPoint presentation.

5. Slideshare
It is a Web 2.0-based slide hosting service. Users can upload files privately or publicly in the following file formats: PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote, or OpenDocument presentations. Some of my professors uploaded criminology reading materials here as well as some sample board exam questions and answers.

6. RKM Files
This site is a forum or discussion board and this site is maintained by my professor Dr.Rommel Manwong. He posted some of his quizzers which is very helpful and the forum contains some materials helpful for those who will be taking the licensure examination.

If you find other sources of criminology reading materials on the net, please share them with us by posting the web address in the comment section hereunder. Let us help those criminology board exam reviewees who can not afford to enroll in a regular review center.

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