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Robinsons Bank Checking Account

Robinsons Bank is a Universal and Commercial bank in the Philippines.

it is the Philippines 28th largest bank in terms of assets.

It is a member of Bancnet. Bancnet is an Automated Teller Machine
(ATM) consortium in the Philippines.

Robinsons bank being a commercial bank, it provides services such as
accepting deposits, making business loans, and offering basic
investment products.

One of the service it offers is Peso Checking Account.

Peso Checking Account is an interest-bearing peso current account that
provides the ease of a check-writing facility in settling financial
dues. Funds are accessed through check issuance, over-the-counter check
encashment or deposits through the ATM.

For Individuals and Single Owner of a Business who wish to open a
checking account with Robinsons bank. Here are some of its features.
1. The Account Opening amount for individual is P5,000
    The Account Opening amount for corporate is P10,000
2. In order to earn interest, the average daily balance must be P25,000
    for individual and corporate
3. Interest is credited monthly. Interest earned will be subjected to
    the 20% withholding tax.
4. You monitor your fund activities via a monthly statement of account.

In its website, the following are the requirement for opening a
checking account.
   For Sole Proprietorship
1. Robinsons Bank Account Opening Form
2. Two sets of Robinsons Bank Signature Cards
3. DTI Certificate of Registration
4. Business Permit or Mayor’s Permit with receipt
5. At least 2 (two) valid id of signatory
6. At least 1 (one) photo/picture per signatory
7. Proof of billing

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