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Psychometrician Board Exam Requirements

The only academic requirement before one can apply to take the
Psychometrician licensure examination is a bachelor's degree
in Psychology.

Documentary Requirements in Applying for the Board Examination
1. NSO birth certificate - to prove that the applicant is a Filipino
2. Original and certified true copy of Transcript of Records with
   your picture. Ask your registrar to give you a TOR for board exam
   purposes with your picture printed in the TOR. Also, the TOR
   should have the Special Order number printed. If your school is
   exempted from issuing SO number, you need to get from your
   registrar the Certificate of Authentication and Validation from
   CHED. - This is to prove that the applicant has a bachelor's
   degree in Psychology.
3. Original and photocopy of NBI clearance - This is to prove that
   the applicant has never been convicted of an offense involving
   moral turpitude.
4. Three (3) notarized certificates of good moral character preferably
   from your employer, school, church leader, barangay captain.
5. 2 colored passport size pictures with white background and name
6. Cedula (be sure the year is the same from the time you file to PRC)

The above information may or may no longer be current, The
following PRC numbers may give you more details.
      (632) 3100026 - PRC main office
      (632) 7362252 - PRC main office
      (074) 3043080 - Baguio City office
      (032) 2539993 - Cebu City office
      (082) 2340007 - Davao City office
      (042) 3737316 - Lucena City office
      (078) 3040701 - Tuguegarao City office
      (033) 3292730 - Iloilo City office
      (053) 3239788 - Tacloban City office
      (062) 9250080 - Pagadian City office
      (052) 4813079 - legazpi City office
      (088) 2313723 - Cagayan De Oro City Office

You might be interested to know
1. That in the last psychometrician board examination, the following
   persons are the top 3 placers.
   a. Argee Catog Gumafelix  - 1st Placer
      Angeli Charmaine Cua Tan - 1st Placer tied with Argee
   b. Pearl Via Soliven Coballes - 2nd Placer
   c. Angelique Pearl Virtue Pecson Villasanta - 3rd Placer
2. That 3,283 took the psychometrician board examination but only
   1,290 passed.
3. That the No.1 School in the Philippines that produce the most number
   of Psychometrician is the University of Santo Tomas. In the 199
   examinees that took the October 2014 examination, 163 passed. UST
   has a passing percentage of 81.91%.

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