Psychometrician Board Exam Coverage

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Psychometrician Board Exam Coverage

Coverage of the Psychometrician Board Exam

Under R.A.10029 or otherwise known as Philippine Psychology Act of 2009,
any person who wish to practice the profession of a psychometrician
must first pass the examination conducted by the Board of Psychology.

The licensure examinations for psychometricians shall cover the 
following subjects:
1. Theories of Personality
2. Abnormal Psychology
3. Industrial Psychology
4. Psychological Assessment

The PRC in its website posted that the next Psychometrician Licensure
Examination will be on July 21 and 22. That is Tuesday and Wednesday.

Last day or deadline in filing of applications to take the licensure
examination is on July 1, 2015.

Unless later on change by the Board of Psychology or the PRC, the
Psychometrician Board Exam will be held in the ff: places
1. Manila
2. Baguio
3. Cebu
4. Davao
5. Legazpi

The last Psychometrician board exam was held in Manila only.

Any inquiry about application for Psychometrician Board Examination
may addressed to the following numbers:
      (632) 7362252 - Application for Examination
      (632) 3100026 - General Inquiries
      (632) 3102020 - Board Exam Rating
      (632) 3101027 - Initial Registration


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