philippine navy new frigates
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Philippine Navy New Frigates

The Philippines has 2 new frigates. Although these two new frigates
are not actually new as they are formerly US Coast Guard ships, it
is considered new as far as its capabilities are concerned.

It has a sea endurance of 45 days which is ideal for the Philippine
archipelago as it can patrol large area for a long time.

The newest 2 frigates are former US Navy Coast Guard Ship primarily
used for law enforcement, but now used in the Philippines primarily
for territorial defense and secondarily for law enforcement.

This 2 frigates at the moment are not equipped with a missile system
but plans are underway to install one.

The Philippine Navy is in the process of bidding out the construction
of 2 new build frigates capable for anti-air warfare and anti-submarine

These 2 frigates were acquired in the year 2011 and 2013 respectively.
Although at the moment, all it can do is to monitor what is happening
in the Philippine archipelagic waters including its exclusive economic
zone and disputed territorial waters, once it is armed with a capable
missile system and the arrival of the 2 new frigates under final
stages of bidding, deterrence capability will be achieved by the
Philippine Navy.

The Philippine Navy with its limited budget for modernization someday
wishes to eventually operate 6 fully armed frigates, 12 corvettes,
18 offshore patrol vessels and 3 submarines.

Defense officials states that this will be sufficient for a credible
defense of the Philippine Archipelago. These navy ships will be
supported by a shore based missile system capable of reaching the end
of its exclusive economic zone and naval planes configured for anti-
submarine warfare but will also have the ability to address surface

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