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Philippine Navy Mission

Four Fold Mission of the Philippine Navy
1. National Defense
2. Security Operations
3. Deterrence
4. National Development

Philippine Navy at present is undergoing modernization to be able
to fully perform the above mentioned missions.

Philippine Navy is in the process of bidding out 2 frigates
configured for anti-air warfare and anti-submarine warfare.
Once this frigates are commissioned into service and after all of the
Navy's other frigates and corvettes are armed with missile systems,
It can effectively perform its mission of national defense and

Two new build strategic sea lift vessels will soon be commissioned
in the service within few years which can be used effectively for
humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations in support
of national development.

Once all the modernization projects of the Philippine Navy are
procured, it can now efficiently and effectively perform the
following roles:
1. The Navy shall defend the territory from external aggression.
2. The Navy shall continue its role of securing the Philippine
   maritime areas from all forms of intrusions and encroachment,
   piracy and drug trafficking.
3. The Navy shall assist other government agencies in protecting our
   marine resources and environment.
4. The Navy shall continue to assist in the conduct of rescue and
   relief operations not only during accidents at sea but even during
   natural calamities in land such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions
   and floods.
5. The Navy shall continue assisting in national socio-economic
6. The Navy, as it acquires new and more potent assets, will be an
   effective instrument of government in fulfilling various
   security-related international commitments.

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