philippine army modernization

Philippine Army Modernization

The aim of Philippine policy makers is to have a Philippine Army
that is muti-mission oriented force that can effectively and
efficiently address internal and external security threats.

The inadequacy of the Philippine Army to provide external security
with its obsolete military equipments became very clear after the
US withdraw its military bases in the Philippines.

The Philippine Army remains one of the weakest military in Asia both
in terms of military capability and defense spending.

The Philippine Army long wanted a ground defense capability.

Military modernization act has been passed twice, once during the term
of President Ramos and again during the term of President Aquino.

It is during the term of President Aquino when the Philippine Army
saw a significant increase in their capability as a result of new
equipment purchases.

The Philippine Army's standard issued M-16 now has been replaced by
newer M-4 rifle. That is a good start for the army's modernization.
It starts from the foot soldier. New communication equipments have
been received recently by the Philippine Army which facilitates faster
transmission of data resulting to efficient operation.

Aside from the trucks, field ambulances, night fighting equipments and
force protection units that the army already received, the Philippine
Army is waiting for the arrival of 28 armored fighting vehicles.

In some news reports, it was mentioned that the armed forces of the
Philippines will procure and operate a land based missile system
capable of hitting air targets and hostile ships on the sea. This
according to the report will be operated by the Philippine Army.

The Philippine Army is now slowly realizing its real mandate of
external defense and the Philippine National Police is slowly
taking the responsibility of addressing internal security problems.

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