Online Shopping Sites Philippines
Online Shopping Sites in the Philippines

Online shopping sites allows Filipinos and foreign residents in the Philippines to directly buy goods or merchandise from a seller over the Internet using a web browser.

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Most Filipinos at present are aware and knowledgeable about the Internet and the fact that shopping can be done without living their homes.

Most Online Shopping sites recognizes the fact that the penetration rate of credit cards, which is the most readily accepted mode of payment when shopping online, is very low and most Filipinos do not
have credit card, These sites came out with the idea of offering a service called COD or cash on delivery whereby the buyers will pay only when he or she receives the goods in his or her doorstep which is very convenient.

Below are some of the more popular Online Shopping Sites in the Philippines that accepts Cash on Delivery (COD) as a mode of payment.

List of Online Shopping Sites in the Philippines that accepts COD.

Philippine Online Website Shopping for Clothes, Gadgets, Shoes, bags, for women and for men and even grocery items.

1. Lazada philippines

2. HalloHalloMall

3. Zalora

4. Weemall

5. Lamido

6. Tomato Online Store

7. Cheapdito
   At present, cash on delivery is available only in Metro Manila.


9. Plains and Prints

    Cash on Delivery available only in Quezon City.