How To Claim An SSS Death Benefit

Social Security System Death Benefit is a cash benefit either in monthly pension or lump sum paid to the beneficiaries of a deceased member.

The primary beneficiaries are
1. The legitimate dependent spouse until the person remarries, and
2. The member's dependent legitimate, legitimated, or legally adopted, and illegitimate children who are not yet 21 years old.

What Happens if there are no primary beneficiary?

In the absence of primary beneficiaries, the dependent parents shall be the secondary beneficiaries. In their absence, any other person designated by the member as beneficiary in the member's record.

There are two types of death benefit paid to beneficiaries of a member:
1. Pension
2. Lump sum Amount

To be entitled to a Pension, the deceased member must have paid at least 36 monthly contributions before the semester of death.

Lump sum Amount is granted to the primary beneficiaries of a deceased member who had paid less than 36 monthly contributions before the semester of death.

In the absence of primary beneficiaries, the secondary beneficiaries are granted the death benefit in lump sum amount. The secondary beneficiary is the dependent parents.

How much will be the monthly pension?

The amount of monthly pension will depend on the following:
1. Members total paid contribution
2. His credited years of service
3. Number of dependent minor children. The number of dependent minor children must not exceed  (4) Minor is a child whose age is below 21 years.

Monthly pension is computed in 3 ways. The highest amount resulting from either one of these three pension formula will be the one used.
1. The sum of P300 plus 20% of the average monthly salary credit plus 2% of the average monthly salary credit for each credited year of service (CYS) in excess of ten years; or
2. 40% of the average monthly salary credit; or
3. P1,000, if the CYS is less than 10, P1,200 if with at least 10 CYS or P2,400, if the CYS is 20 or more.

Are you qualified to received the death benefit? Then it's time to file a claim for SSS death benefit.
Go to the nearest SSS office near you and obtain an SSS Death Claim Application form.

You can download this form here
Before filling-up the form, please read the instructions at the back.

   Print all data required in the form. The form is divided in 2 part.
   Part 1 is the members information. You must provide the deceased
   SSS member's details. Write down the SS number, the deceased member's
   complete name starting with the surname followed by given name and
   lastly the maiden name

   Next, indicate the member's date of birth and the date and place of

   Check the specified box if you are claiming under social security
   or employees compensation. Check employees compensation if the
   death is proven to be work connected.

   Indicate the member's civil status is single, married, separated or
   widow or widower.

   The next portion is the deceased member's employment history. Print
   down starting with the most recent. One by one indicate the deceased
   previous employer or the registered business name, the company's
   address and the duration of each employment.

   You can use a separate sheet if necessary. If the space provided is
   not enough.

   The next portion is the dependent children. Under dependent children,
   write down the names of the member's children below 21 years old,
   starting with the youngest down to the oldest. If he has an
   incapacitated child, you may still include him/her even if above
   21 years old. Write down the child's name followed by the date of
   birth, put a check mark if the child is legitimate or illegitimate
   and write down the child's address.

   Next is the claimant's information portion, the portion you as
   a claimant of the death benefit fills up.

   Write down your SS number if any, complete name starting with your
   surname followed by your given name and lastly your middle name.

   Write down your residence or home address by indicating your house
   number, street and subdivision, barangay, town or district and
   your city or province. Don't forget to write down your postal code.
   Write down also your date of birth, indicate by checking the box
   whether you are male or female and your relationship to the
   deceased SSS member.

   Write down your TIN or tax identification number, your land line
   telephone number or mobile number with area code and check your
   preferred mode of payment whether cash card,ATM or passbook in
   case you are qualified to receive pension.

   Lastly, at the lowest portion of the death claim form, don't forget
   to fill up your information and the acknowledgment stub.

   Part 11 of the death claim application form located at the back
   verifies if you are already receiving pension from the SSS. Check
   the appropriate box, whether yes or no. If yes, indicate by
   checking the box whether you are receiving your pension via
   disability, retirement or survivor's pension from a deceased
   love one.

   If you are already receiving a survivor's pension, write down
   the SS number and complete name of the deceased member, the name of
   the bank, the bank's address, the savings account number where
   you are already receiving your pension.

   If you are receiving pension under disability or retirement, you
   just need to write down the bank information as stated.

   You have a choice to receive the death pension thru the same bank
   where you are receiving your previous SSS pension or choose to
   open a different savings account. If you prefer to open a different
   savings account, SSS will provide a letter of introduction in order
   to endorse you to your bank of choice. Once a new account is opened,
   you also need to indicate the bank detail on that part of the form.

   Lastly, the member's certification portion of the form. Read the
   certification and waiver thoroughly, after which affix your signature
   over your printed name on the space provided and write down the
   date of signing. Affix your right thumb mark and right index mark
   in the box provided. If you can not sign, let 2 witnesses sign
   over their printed name on the space provided and write down the date.

   Part 111 of the form is the photo and signature card. Write down
   again the SS number and complete name of the deceased member and
   your SS number as claimant if any, and complete name as the claimant.
   Once again sign and affix your thumb mark and index mark in the
   space provided and let 2 witnesses sign over their printed name in
   the space provided. Lastly, Attach your 1X1 photo.

   Depending on your case, additional requirement may be required
   upon interview.

   You may also be required to fill up additional form in support
   of your application for death benefit claim.

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