Dentist Board Exam Topnotchers

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Dentist Board Exam Topnotchers
January 2015 (Practical Phase)

Below is the list of those who top the January 2015 Dentist
Licensure Examination (Practical Phase)

1st Placer  - Ben Jay Abayato Maxino 85.43%
                      Mindanao Medical Foundation College

                      Mindanao Medical Foundation College has a passing
                      percentage of 37.50% in the written phase of the exam.
                      3 passed out of 8 examinees.

2nd Placer  - Jan Michael Silvosa Antes 83.77%
                      Davao Medical School Foundation

                      Davao Medical School Foundation has a passing percentage
                      of 66.67% in the written phase. 14 passed out of 21

3rd Placer  - Faye Jennifer Secuya Cabrera 83.67%
                      Southwestern University

                      SouthWestern University has a passing percentage of 33.33%
                      in the written pahse of the exam. 14 passed out of 42

4th Placer  - Elgimaine Louise Montanez Barroso 83.30%

                      UP-Manila has a passing percentage of 95.45% in the
                      written phase of the exam. 21 passed out of 22 examinees.

5th Placer  - Denica Jena Estive Espares 83.10%

6th Placer  - Shahzaadee Bello Imlan 83.07%
                      Davao Medical School Foundation

7th Placer  - Cristy Allysa Torres Almonte 83.06%
                      Cebu Doctors University

                      Cebu Doctors University has a passing percentage of 84%
                      in the written exam. 21 passed out of 25 examinees.

8th Placer  - Lea Christine Paulite Bucad 82.77%
                      Centro Escolar University - Makati

                      Centro Escolar University in Makati has a passing
                      percentage of 70.83% in the written exam. 17 passed
                      out of 24 examinees.

9th Placer  - Donah Laine Yap Baldosano 82.43%
                      Centro Escolar University - Makati

10th Placer - Mario Antonio Reyes Carpio 82.40%

                      Rose Elaine Sia Li 82.40%
                      Cebu Doctors University

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