netopia internet cafe
Netopia Internet Cafe

Netopia Internet Cafe

Netopia is owned by Digital Paradise, Inc., a subsidiary of the
Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company.

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Netopia offers the following services
1. Computer Gaming (Network Gaming)
2. Internet Surfing
3. E-Loading
4. Digital Printing
5. Desktop Publishing Services
6. Digital Online Advertising

Netopia franchise fee is P300,000. But it may be less or more than
that amount, depending on the number of computer units operated.

Well learned individual in the Internet cafe business states that aside
from the franchise fee, prospective franchise applicant must have a
starting capital of 2 to 4 million pesos for investment in computers
and lease for the shop if applicant do not have one.

Royalty fee is at least 4% of the gross sale, royalty fee depends
on the number of computer unit operated.

Aside from the royalty fee, an advertising fee equivalent to 1% of
the gross sale is also required of the franchisee.

The life of the franchise is 3 years, renewable.

Netopia requires a 40-100 square meter area for your shop. It should be
located preferably in high traffic commercial/residential areas
accessible to both pedestrians and motorists.

For Those Interested to be a Franchisee, You May contact them in
the following number or visit them personally in the address below.

      Tel. No. : 465-1100 loc. 1020
      Fax. No. : 465-1100 loc. 5000
      Office Address : 6/F Suntree Tower, #27 Sapphire Road Cor. Julia
      Vargas Avenue Ortigas Center, Pasig City
      Email :