rank one review center
Rank One Review Center

Rank One Review Center

Rank One Review Center is a review program created to specifically
cater to the following professions
1. Nursing
2. LET (Licensure Examination for Teachers)
3. Criminology
4. Medical Technology
5. Midwifery
6. PT/OT
7. Psychometrician/Psychologist

Rank One Review Center Location
Manila Branch Office at 2nd Floor Espana Place Bldg. 1139
Adelina St. Sampaloc, Manila.

Rank One Review Center Telephone Number - 02-736-1732
You may also contact them at the following additional Numbers:
      (02) 736 1732
      0917 391 6729
      0932 858 6970

Review Fee
Subject to change, please inquire personally at their
office or call them at their telephone number. A reservation fee
of P2,000 is required which shall form part of the review fee.

As of October 2014, Regular Review Fee are as follows
1. Nursing Board Exam - P13,000
2. Criminology - P7,000
3. LET - P5,500
4. Medical Technology - P9,000
5. Midwifery - P8,000
6. Psychometrician - P10,000
7. PT/OT - P15,000

What will you get from the review?
1. Videos of Lectures
2. Handouts
3. Narrated Power Point
4. Test with Scoring and rationalization

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