bdo optimum savings account

BDO Optimum Savings

BDO Optimum Savings Account

BDO Optimum Savings is a BDO Peso Savings Account Product that gets higher interest rates as you build up your deposit balance.

BDO Optimum Savings Account Features
1. Minimum Initial Deposit
   a. Personal - P30,000
   b. Commercial - P50,000
2. Minimum Monthly Average Daily Balance Requirement -
   a. Personal - P30,000
   b. Commercial - P50,000
3. Minimum Monthly Average Daily Balance to earn interest
   a. Personal - P30,000
   b. Commercial - P50,000
4. Withdrawal transaction per month - free of charge up to 3 times a month.

On the 4th and subsequent withdrawals - P110 per withdrawal will be deducted from your account.
5. Dormancy Fee - P300

Dormant - When there has been no financial activity for a long period of time, other than posting of interest, an account can be classified as dormant.

BDO Dormancy - dormant if there is no client-initiated transaction within 12 months for checking accounts and within 24 months for savings accounts.

6. Falling below minimum MADB requirement for two (2) consecutive months - A charge of P300 deducted from your account.

7. If You close your account within 30 days from opening date - you will be charge P300

BDO Optimum Savings Account Interest Rate - subject to change, call or visit your preferred BDO Branch for the latest interest rates. The average interest rate for similar products of competing banks are slightly higher than .250% per annum (year)