Where new trial conducted

Section 15. 

The appellant may move for a new trial any time after the appeal from the lower court has been perfected and before the judgment of the Court of Appeals convicting him becomes final.

Section 16. Reconsideration

A motion for reconsideration shall be made within 15 days after notice of the decision or final order of the Court of Appeals.

Section 17. Judgment transmitted and filed in trial court

When the entry of judgment of the Court of Appeals is issued, a certified true copy of the judgment shall be attached to the original record which shall be remanded to the clerk of court from which the appeal was taken.

Section 18. Application of certain rules in civil procedure to criminal cases

NOTE: Rule 47 does NOT APPLY TO CRIMINAL ACTIONS. The proper remedy for lack of jurisdiction or extrinsic fraud is certiorari (Rule 65) or Habeas Corpus ( Rule 102)