Section 4. Publication Of Notice Of Appeal

1. Service By Registered Mail - By depositing the copy in the post
   office, in a sealed envelope, plainly addressed to the party
   or his counsel at his office if known, otherwise at his residence
   if known, with postage fully pre-paid and with instructions to
   the post master to return the mail to the sender after 10 days
   if undelivered.

2. Substituted Service - delivering the copy to the clerk of court
   with proof of failure of both personal service and service by mail.

3. Publication of Notice Of Appeal - made in a newspaper of general
   circulation in the vicinity once a week for a period not
   exceeding 30 days.

Section 5. Waiver of notice

The appellee may waive his right to notice of appeal. However, the
appellate court may, in its discretion, entertain an appeal
notwithstanding failure to give such notice if the interests of
justice so require
(Llamas vs. Muscoso, 95 Phil. 735).