Section 2. Appointment of counsel de oficio for the accused

1. Accused is confined in prison
2. He is without counsel de parte on appeal
3. He signed the notice of appeal himself

An appellant who is not confined in prison may
request for counsel de oficio within 10 days from
receipt of notice to file appellant’s brief and the right
thereto is established by affidavit

Section 3. When brief for appellant to be filed

7 copies of the brief shall be filed within 30 days from
receipt by the appellant or his counsel of the notice
from the clerk of court that the evidence, oral and
documentary, are already attached to the record.

It literally means a short or condensed statement.
The purpose of the brief is to present to the court in
concise form the points and questions in controversy,
and by fair argument on the facts and law of the
case, to assist the court in arriving at a just and
proper conclusion.

Section 4. When brief for appellee to be filed;
reply brief of appellant

The Appellee shall file 7 copies of the brief with the
clerk of court within 30 days from receipt of the appellant's
brief accompanied by proof of service of 2 copies thereof to
the appellant.