marine deck officers board exam result
Marine Deck Officers

Marine Deck Officers Licensure 
Examination July 2014

The PRC released the result of the July 2014 Marine Deck Board Exam.

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Out of 96 who took the Master Mariner Licensure Examination, only 50

Out of 411 who took the Chief Mate Licensure Examination, only 219

Out of 1256 who took the Officer-In-Charge of a Navigational Watch
Licensure Examination, only 707 passed.

Foundation Maritime University - Arevalo landed 1st Place for the Master
Mariner Licensure  Examination.

RHOEL TASONG LAMANILAO of Philippine Maritime Institute - Bohol
landed 1st Place for the Chief Mate Licensure Examination.

ROMANO SASOTA RIPDOS JR of the University of Cebu is the Officer
In Charge Of A Navigational Watch Licensure Examination 1st Placer.

The PRC posted these informations in its website:

   The guidelines for the issuance of Certificate of Registration and
   Professional Identification Cards are as follows:
   1. Registration for the issuance of Certificate of Registration and
      Professional Identification Cards will start on August 15, 2014.
     The date and venue for the oath taking ceremony of the new successful
     examinees in the said examination WILL BE ANNOUNCED LATER.

   2. The deadline for submission of Certificates of Ship Simulator and
      Bridge Teamwork with Practical Assessment will be on July 22, 2014