university of la salette santiago criminology
University of La Salette

University of La Salette Santiago was established
in 1951. It is a Private Sectarian institution of
higher learning.

It is located in Dubinan East, Santiago, Isabela (3311). Isabela
is in Region 2 otherwise known as the Cagayan Valley Region.

University of La Salette in Santiago Isabela opened its Criminology
Course in 1989. This is to allow students who can not afford to study
in Manila or Baguio City, where the top Criminology Schools are located,
an opportunity to study near at home.

The Cost of studying Criminology in University of La Sallete in Santiago,
Isabela is very reasonable. Posted here under is the break down
of their tuition and other fees for one semester.

The data posted here under is applicable to incoming first year
Criminology students. Old students pay less.

      Tuition Fee Per Unit - P261.36
      Miscellaneous Fees -   P2,913.76
      Other Fees:
                 Student Handbook  - P250.
                 ID Lace                   - P100.
                 PE Uniform            - P460.
                 Picture                    - P60.
                 School Uniform     - P1200.

If you live in Region 2 or Cagayan Valley and You are interested
to take the Criminology Course offered by the School.
Here is the requirements for incoming first year students

    1. Form 138/137 (Original and two photocopies)
    2. Certificate of Good Moral Character
    3. Two (2) copies of recent 2" x 2" colored photo
    4. Two (2) photocopies of NSO Birth Certificate
    5. Medical Certificate
    6. If married, three photocopies of NSO marriage certificate

You may inquire in the telephone numbers below in case you are not
able to personally visit the school for any inquiry.

            (078) 682-4771    
            (078) 682-4799
            (078) 682-7833

University of La Salette College of Criminology's Performance in
the last 2 Licensure Examination for Criminologist is posted here

            April 2014 Criminology Board Exam Result
               Overall Passing Percentage -    53.63%
               Total No. of Examinees -           179
               Number of those who passed - 96
               Number of those who failed -    83

            October 2013 Criminology Board Exam Result
               Overall Passing Percentage -    67.59%
               Total No. of Examinees -           253
               Number of those who passed - 171
               Number of those who failed -    82

During the April 2013 Criminology Board Exam, University of La
Salette College of Criminology Produced 3 Topnotchers in the
person of the following examinees, now a licensed Criminologist.

           JUPITER BAGAY TAJONERA -  5th Placer - 90.30%
           ROY SAMPANG CABRERA -     9th Placer - 89.95%
           MEL SANGALANG SONIEGA -  9th Placer - 89.95%