ART. 102:

Subsidiary Civil Liability Of Innkeepers, Tavern Keepers
And Proprietors Of Establishments

PAR. 1

     1. The innkeeper, tavern keeper or proprietor of the
        establishment or his employee committed a violation of
        municipal ordinance or some general or special police
     2. A crime is committed in such establishment.
     3. The person criminally liable is insolvent.

     NOTE: When all these are present, the innkeeper, tavern keeper
     or any other person or corporation is subsidiarily liable
     for the crime committed in his establishment.

PAR. 2:

    1. The guests notified in advance the innkeeper of the
       deposit of such goods within the inn or house.
    2. The guests followed the directions of the innkeeper or
       his representative with respect to the care of and
       vigilance over such goods.
    3. Such goods of the guests and a lodging therein were
       taken by robbery with force upon things or theft
       committed within the inn or house.