ART. 110

Several And Subsidiary Liability Of Principals, Accomplices
And Accessories Of A Felony; Preference In Payment

Each class of principals, accomplices and accessories is liable
solidary for their share and subsidiarily liable for the share
of the other classes.

Preference In Enforcement Of Subsidiary
1. against the property of the principal
2. against that of the accomplice
3. against that of the accessories

ART. 111: Obligation To Make Restitution In Certain Cases


This refers to a person who has participated gratuitously in
the proceeds of a felony and he is bound to make restitution
in an amount equivalent to the extent of such participation.

The third person must be innocent of the commission of the crime,
otherwise he would be liable as an accessory and this article will
not apply.

   Ex. A stole a ring worth 1k which he gave to B who accepted
       it without knowledge that it was stolen. B sold the ring
       to C for 500. B is liable to make restitution up to
       500 only.