Art. 25

The penalties which may be imposed according to this Code, and
their different classes, are those included in the following:

Capital punishment:
   - Death

Afflictive penalties:
   - Reclusion perpetua,
   - Reclusion temporal,
   - Perpetual or temporary absolute disqualification,
   - Perpetual or temporary special disqualification,
   - Prision mayor.

Correctional penalties:
   - Prision correccional,
   - Arresto mayor
   - Suspension
   - Destierro

Light penalties:
   - Arresto menor,
   - Public censure

Penalties common to the three preceding classes:
   - Fine, and
   - Bond to keep the peace.

   - Perpetual or temporary absolute disqualification
   - Perpetual or temporary special disqualification
   - Suspension from public office, the right to vote and be voted
        for, the profession or calling.
   - Civil interdiction,
   - Indemnification,
   - Forfeiture or confiscation of instruments and proceeds of
        the offense,
   - Payment of costs.

   1. PRINCIPAL PENALTIES – those expressly imposed by the court
      in the judgment of conviction.
   2. ACCESSORY PENALTIES – those that are deemed included in the
      imposition of the principal penalties.

Other classifications of penalties:
According to their divisibility:
   1. Divisible - those that have fixed duration and are
      divisible into three periods.
   2. Indivisible - those which have no fixed duration.
         - Death
         - Reclusion perpetua
         - Perpetual absolute or special disqualification
         - Public censure

According to subject-matter
   1. Corporal - (death)
   2. Deprivation of freedom - (reclusion, prision, arresto)
   3. Restriction of freedom - (destierro)
   4. Deprivation of rights - (disqualification and suspension)
   5. Pecuniary - (fine)

According to their gravity
   1. Capital
   2. Afflictive
   3. Correctional
   4. Light


Public censure is a penalty,
   - thus, it is not proper in acquittal.
   - However, the Court in acquitting the accused may criticize
     his acts or conduct.

Penalties that are either principal or accessory:
1. Perpetual or temporary absolute disqualification,
2. Perpetual or temporary special disqualification, and
3. Suspension
   May be principal or accessory penalties, because they formed in
   the 2 general classes.