Section 7. 

1. If name is known: the name and surname of the accused or any
   appellation or nickname by which he has been or is known.
2. If name cannot be ascertained: a fictitious name with a
   statement that his true name is unknown.

         If true name thereafter disclosed: such true name shall
         be inserted in the complaint or information and record.

3. While one or more persons, along with specified and named
   accused, may be sued as “John Does,” an information against
   all accused described as “John Does” is void, and an arrest
   warrant against them is also void.

NOTE: An error in the name of the accused is not reversible as
long as his identity is sufficiently established. This defect
is curable at any stage of the proceedings as insertion of the
real name of the accused is merely a matter of form (People
v. Padica,221 SCRA 362).

If there are more than 1 accused, name all of them.
[Rule 110, Sec. 6]