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Method Of Arrest By Private Person

Section 9. Method of arrest by private person

When making an arrest, a private person shall inform the person to be
arrested of the intention to arrest him and the cause of the arrest.

         1. The person to be arrested is engaged in the commission
            of an offense; or
         2. Pursued immediately after its commission; or
         3. Has escaped, flees; or
         4. Forcibly resists before the officer has opportunity to
            so inform him; or
         5. When giving of such information will imperil the arrest.

Section 10. Officer may summon assistance

Arresting officer may orally summon as many persons as he deems
necessary to assist him in effecting the arrest.

NOTE: This rule does not cover a private individual making an arrest.

Section 11. Right of officer to break into building or enclosure

Requisites Before An Officer Can Break Into A Building Or Enclosure
To Make An Arrest:
1. That the person to be arrested is or is reasonably believed to be
   in the said building;
2. That he has announced his authority and purpose for entering therein;
3. That he has requested and been denied admittance.

NOTE: Rule is applicable both where there is a warrant and where there
is a valid arrest without a warrant.

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