Legal Period Of Duration Of Divisible Penalties

Art. 75. Increasing or reducing the penalty of fine by one or more degrees

Whenever it may be necessary to increase or reduce the penalty of fine by one or more degrees, it shall be increased or reduced, respectively, for each degree, by one-fourth of the maximum amount
prescribed by law, without however, changing the minimum. The same rules shall be observed with regard of fines that do not consist of a fixed amount, but are made proportional.

To get the lower degree:
1. Max: reduce by one-fourth
2. Min: the same

Art. 76. Legal period of duration of divisible penalties

The legal period of duration of divisible penalties shall be considered as divided into three parts, forming three periods, the minimum, the medium, and the maximum in the manner shown
in the following table:

table showing the duration of divisible penalties
Table Showing The Duration of Divisible Penalties


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