ART. 107


Indemnity refers to crimes against persons while reparation to
crimes against property.

Indemnity for medical services still unpaid may be recovered.

Contributory negligence on the part of the offended party reduces
the civil liability of the offender.

The civil liability may be increased only if it will not require
an aggravation of the decision in the criminal case on which
it is based.

The amount of damages for death shall be at least 50,000, even
though there may have been mitigating circumstances.

In addition:
1. payment for the loss of the earning capacity of the deceased
2. If the deceased was obliged to give support, the recipient,
   who is not an heir, may demand support from the defendant.
3. The spouse, illegitimate descendants and ascendants of the
   deceased may demand for moral damages.

Moral damages may be recovered in the following:
1. physical injuries
2. seduction, abduction, rape
3. adultery, concubinage
4. illegal or arbitrary detention
5. illegal search
6. libel, slander, defamation
7. malicious prosecution