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Davao Doctors College

Davao Doctors College School of Midwifery

Davao Doctors College is a Private Non-Sectarian academic
institution in Mindanao, Philippines.

It is located in General Malvar Street Davao City, Davao Del Sur
(8000). Davao Del Sur is in Region 11, also known as Davao Region.

The Schools Contact information is listed below.

            +63 (082) 227 5972
            +63 (082) 222-0850 to 53

Davao Doctors College was established in 1975. It was formerly
known as Davao Doctors Hospital School of Nursing. The change was
due perhaps to the fact that it is now offering various
para-medical courses such as Midwifery and Physical Therapy.

Some of the achievements of the school in the Licensure examination
given by the government is listed below.
                     Nursing Board Exam Result
            2010 December NONAH VEE C. SARENO - 7th Place
            2008 November JAMAICCA R. BANTING - 8th Place
            2007 November KRISTINE MENDEZ  - 7th Place
            2006 December EILEEN MARIE INONG - 8th Place
            2005 December CAESAR FERNANDO - 7th Place

Davao Doctors College Performance in the last Midwifery Board Exam
where it participated is posted here below.

            April 2014 Midwife Licensure Examination Result
               Overall passing percentage - 100%
               Total No. Of Examinees - 2
               No. of those who passed - 2
               No. of those who failed - 0