university of luzon dagupan
University of Luzon Dagupan

University of Luzon Dagupan
College of Criminology

University of Luzon is a Private Non-Sectarian
institution of higher learning. It was formerly
named Luzon Colleges.

Like some Colleges and Universities in Luzon,
The School was established in the year 1948.

University of Luzon is in the City of Dagupan, Province of
Pangasinan. Pangasinan, La Union, Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte
is in Region 1 or the solid north as they say during the term
of President Ferdinand Marcos.

One of the Academic Program offered by University of Luzon is the
Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminology.

For those interested to inquire about the school's Criminology
program. You May personally visit at the this address:

            Perez Blvd. Dagupan City
            Pangasinan Philippines 2400

If you are presently unavailable to visit the school personally,
You may call for inquiries in the following number:

            +63 (075) 515-5767
            +63 (075) 522-8295
            +63 (075) 515-7707

University of Luzon Performance in the last 2 Licensure Examination
for Criminologist is posted here under.

            April 2014 Criminology Board Exam Result
               Overall Passing Percentage - 42.28%
               Total Number of Examinees - 149
               Number of those who passed - 63
               Number of those who failed - 86

                  JOSERWIN JOY RAGA BRIAN - 10th Place

            October 2013 Criminology Board Exam Result
               Overall Passing Percentage - 38.86%
               Total Number of Examinees - 229
               Number of those who passed - 89
               Number of those who failed - 140

            In the April 2013 Criminology Board Exam result
            University of Luzon's passing percentage is 46.15%
            In this exam, one examinee landed in the top ten.

               JINGJING MARCOS DE VERA - 6th Place