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University of the Cordilleras

University of the Cordilleras, called Baguio Colleges Foundation
during my stay in Baguio City in the year 1988 to 1992.

If I remembered it correctly, it was 1987 when Baguio Colleges
Foundation produced it first batch of criminology board exam.

From that day on, Baguio Colleges Foundation, now known as,
University Of The Cordilleras is a Center For Excellence in
Criminology having been consistently in the top for performing
excellent overall passing percentage in every board exam examination
since that year, 1987.

For those who are interested to inquire about the University of the
Cordilleras Review Center For Criminology, You may inquire in this
number, (74) 442-3316 and the switch board operator will transfer your
call to the criminology department.

The Fee for their criminology review is cheaper than most fees of
criminology review center in other parts of the Philippines.
The last time I check in the year 2013 is that their review fee for non
University of the Cordilleras graduate is P5000.

The University of the Cordilleras Review Center For Criminology conducts
their review the whole day of Saturday and Sunday. When I attended their
lectures, the time duration is between 8 AM to 11 PM in the morning and
between 1 PM and 5 PM in the afternoon. On the average, 2 or 3 subjects
are discussed each week. Written Lectures on the board may be copied, and
the reviewer's voice lecture can be recorded with the lecturer's permission.
Aside from these, review handouts are regularly given which increases the
reviewees chances of passing or even topping the criminology licensure

Posted here below is the University Of The Cordilleras Performance in the
last 2 Board exam for Criminologist.

Be aware that in both examination, The passing percentage of First time
examinees is 100%

April 2014 Criminology Board Examination Result

   Overall Performance
   Passing Percentage - 99.09%
   Total Number Of Examinees - 110
   Total Number Passed - 109
   Total Number Failed - 1

October 2013 Criminology Board Examination Result

   Overall Performance
   Passing Percentage - 98.39%
   Total Number Of Examinees - 62
   Total Number Passed - 61
   Total Number Failed - 1