1. That the offender purchases, sells, kidnaps or detains a human being; and
2. That the purpose of the offender is to enslave such human being.

Qualifying circumstance – if the purpose is some immoral traffic (Ex. prostitution).

The penalty is increased if the purpose of the offender is to assign the offended party to some immoral traffic.

If the purpose of the kidnapping or detention is to enslave the offended party, slavery is committed.

The crime is slavery if the offender is not engaged in the business of prostitution. If he is, the crime is white slave trade under Article 341.

The employment or custody of a minor with the consent of the parent or guardian although against the child’s own will cannot be considered involuntary servitude.

But where is proven that the defendant was obliged to render service in plaintiff’s house as a servant without remuneration whatever and to remain there so long as she has not paid her debt, there is slavery.