(Repealed Art. 195-199 RPC, PD 483 betting law, and PD 449 cockfighting law)

Acts Punished                                                          Penalty
1. Any person who shall directly or indirectly         Prision Correccional medium
   take part in any illegal or unauthorized                  or fine ranging from P1000
   activities or games of:                                           to P6000
   (1) Cockfighting, jueting, jai-alai, or horse
       racing to include bookie operations and game    In case of recidivism, Prision
       fixing, numbers, bingo and other forms of        Mayor Medium or fine ranging
       lotteries.                                                             from P5000 to P10000

   (2) Cara y cruz, pompiang and the like

   (3) 7-11 and any game using dice

   (4) Black jack, lucky nine, poker and its
       derivatives, monte, baccarat, cuajo,
       pangguigue and other card games

   (5) Pak que, high and low, mahjong, domino and
       other games using plastic tiles and the like

   (6) Slot machines, roulette, pinball and other
       mechanical contraptions and devices

   (7) Dog racing, boat racing, car racing and
       other forms of races

   (8) Basketball, boxing, volleyball, bowling,
       pingpong and other forms of individual or
       team contests to include game fixing,
       point shaving and other machinations

   (9) Banking or percentage game, or any other
       game or scheme, whether upon chance
       or skill, wherein wagers consisting of
       money, articles of value or representative
       of value are at stake or made

2. Any person who KNOWINGLY permits any form of
   gambling in an inhabited or uninhabited place or
   in any building, vessel or other means of
   transportation owned or controlled by him
   (1) Gambling in place with reputation of gambling,    Prision correccional maximum,
       frequent gambling place, government building       fine of P6,000
       or barangay hall

   (2) Maintainer or conductor of above gambling

     - Government official maintainer, conductor,       Prision Mayor Medium with
       banker of gambling schemes; player,                 temporary absolute
       promoter, referee, umpire, judge or coach in      disqualification or fine of
       case of game fixing, point shaving                     P6000
       and machination

     - Any person who knowingly  and without lawful     Prision Correccional Medium
       purpose possess lottery list, paper or other               or fine P400 to P2000
       matter containing letters, figures, signs or
       symbols pertaining to or in any manner used
       in the games of jueteng, jai-alai or horse
       racing bookies, and similar games of
       lotteries and numbers which have taken place
       or about to take place

     - Barangay official who with knowledge of          Temporary Absolute
       gambling house/place in his jurisdiction             disqualification
       fails to abate or take action

     - Security officer, watchman, private or                Prision Correccional
       house detective of hotels, villages,                     maximum or fine P500
       buildings, enclosures and the like                       to P2000
       which have reputation of gambling place
       or where gambling activities are
       being held


Playing for money is not a necessary element. The law’s purpose is to prohibit
absolutely those games.

Any other games if with wager of money, articles, or value are at stake or made

Individual/team contests: game-fixing, point- shaving, other machinations

Spectators are not liable: must directly or indirectly take part; The law does
not make it an offense to be present in a gambling house.

A game or scheme is punishable even if winning depends upon skill as long as
wagers (consisting of money, articles of value or representative of value)
are at stake or made.

1. Consideration
2. Chance
3. Prize/advantage/inequality in amount value which is in the nature of prize

Distribution of prizes by chance

No lottery where there is full value of money(criminal case-Olsen), but
if inducement to win prize is reason for purchase/subscription/others then
even if full value for money is received - still lottery

Proof that game took place or is about to take place is not necessary;
burden of evidence is shifted to accused to show that his possession is
lawful or is not connected with jueteng game; but proof to the contrary
is necessary when jueteng lists pertain to games played on other dates

MAINTAINER – person who sets up and furnishes means to carry on gambling
or scheme

CONDUCTOR – person who manages or carries on gambling game or scheme