General Rule: RPC provisions are supplementary to special laws.

   1. when special law provides otherwise
   2. when provision of RPC are impossible of application, either
      by express provision or by necessary implication

Provisions of RPC applicable to special laws:
   - Art. 16 Participation of Accomplices
   - Art. 22 Retroactivity of Penal laws if favorable to the accused
   - Art. 45 Confiscation of instruments used in the crime

Note: When the special law adopts the penalties
      imposed in the RPC i.e. penalties as reclusion
      perpetua, prision correccional, etc. the provisions of
      the RPC on imposition of penalties based on stages
      of execution, degree of participation and attendance
      of mitigating and aggravating circumstance may be
      applied by necessary implication.

offenses not subject to the provisions of RPC
Special Laws vs. Penal Laws