Liability of Ascendants, Guardians, Teachers, Or Other Persons Entrusted With Custody Of Offended Party


Persons who cooperate as accomplices but are punished as
principals in rape, seduction, abduction, etc:
1) Ascendants,
2) Guardians,
3) Curators,
4) Teachers, and
5) Any other person, who cooperates as accomplice with abuse of
   authority or confidential relationship.

The teachers or persons entrusted with education and guidance
of the youth shall also be penalized with disqualification.

“Crimes embraced in the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th of this title”:
1) rape
2) acts of lasciviousness
3) qualified seduction
4) simple seduction
5) acts of lasciviousness with consent
of the offended party
6) corruption of minors
7) white slave trade
8) forcible abduction
9) consented abduction


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